Our Program

CoachingElite Lacrosse attracts players who want to take their game to the next level and who have a passion and love of the sport of lacrosse. For the fall we are forming teams that are for youth players entering 4th through 8th grade, Elite Lacrosse provides individualized instruction based on our coaching philosophy. We prioritize high reps and a high tempo focused on developing solid fundamentals. Our practices are highly organized with good coach to player ratios. We do not pad our roster with players just to collect registration fees. As a coaching staff, it is our desire to have players moving and drilling the entire practice with no time wasted standing around waiting for instruction. Every Elite player will have the opportunity to play but as a competitive travel team equal playing time is not guaranteed.

On the field we want our players to embody the three Ds to success: discipline, dedication, and desire. As coaches, we motivate players to reach for high goals. We are demanding in our practices and we mentor the players on how to deal with and overcome adversity in their lives. We want to help mold and shape our athletes into excellent young men. We want them to be well rounded individuals and to represent themselves with the highest amount of dignity and respect.

Players leave our program with a sense of accomplishment knowing they were pushed every day to excel. They will have a sense of pride knowing they were part of something special because we truly believe in the motto: One Team, One Family.

New incoming players must tryout before being placed on a roster.